Juristat Platform


Welcome to the future of patent prosecution. Juristat Platform goes beyond reporting to provide custom monitoring and competitive intelligence that can improve patent prosecution and boost the quantity and quality of your patent applications.

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Juristat Examiner


Juristat Examiner helps attorneys and agents predict the future with interactive reports on every USPTO examiner. It provides actionable insights that help practitioners impress clients, partners, and (of course) patent examiners. Moreover, the information is tailorable to your needs. Every report includes filtering options that let you narrow results by application type, art unit, and time.

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Juristat Business Intelligence


Juristat Business Intelligence combines competitive intelligence and business development in one tool. With BI, law firms can quickly see how they stack up against the competition while targeting potential new clients. Companies can easily evaluate competing companies and outside counsel.

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Juristat OA Response


Juristat OA Response (OAR) makes responding to office actions easy, delivering a single digital packet with all the necessary documentation and background information you need to craft a response – all within 48 hours of an office action, and with zero work by your team.

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Juristat IDS


Juristat IDS can automate your IDS practice without you or your staff lifting a finger. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), no matter the disclosure trigger or complexity of the patent family, Juristat IDS is able to deliver the documents you need directly to your email inbox – all within 2 business days.

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Juristat 102 Forward Citation Alerts


With Juristat 102 Forward Citation Alerts, you'll know each time an examiner forward cites your issued patent or patent application against competitors in 102 rejections. Identifying these frequently cited applications will help you uncover opportunities for licensing, find subject matter conflicts between clients, and, if pending, recommend CONs to block the infringing app further.

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Juristat Invent streamlines invention management, giving IP managers, inventors, and review committees a centralized home for invention submission and evaluation. With collaborative functionality, secure communication, and one-click access from within Juristat Platform, Invent helps you build a more efficient and effective IP portfolio.

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“Being able to view examiner allowance rates, and more importantly, have those broken down by individual action and rejection type, allows us to be prepared to effectively plan an office action response . . . In short, we would definitely recommend Juristat for any patent practitioners.”

Jeffrey Schox Partner, Schox PLC

“When responding to RFPs, finding the right stats to answer detailed questions is time-consuming. Juristat helped us find what we needed in a couple of hours, and our response is much more strategic than it would have been without the data."

Kaitlyn Schnackenberg Department Marketing Manager at Polsinelli


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