Generate 102 Forward Citation Reports in Juristat

Quickly identify your most valuable patents and applications, discover licensing opportunities, catch potential infringement, and make data-driven decisions around maintenance fees.

With Juristat 102 Reports, you'll know each time an examiner forward cites an issued patent or patent application against competitors in 102 rejections.

Don’t let any more opportunities pass you by

If you’re ready to make more strategic decisions about licensing, litigation, maintenance fees, and more, let’s talk.

Attorney giving advice

Go From Attorney to Advisor With 102 Forward Cite Reports

Are you tracking 102 citations for your clients? See how combining your patent knowledge and experience with this critical data can help you boost your client's business (and establish yourself as a crucial legal partner).

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See how firms and in-house counsel use 102 Forward Citation Reports to drive strategy and increase revenue.  

Identify licensing opportunities

Now you’ll know when your competitors are infringing on your issued art and can take swift action towards blocking infringement or licensing opportunities.

Make smarter maintenance fee decisions 

Should you continue to pay maintenance fees on your patent? Use these alerts to find which issued applications are frequently cited – and worth the fee. 

Strengthen your pending applications

Identify your frequently cited pending applications and file CONs to broaden the claim scope and prevent potential infringement.

Know who is invading your space 

Gather intelligence on major competitors, as well as emerging startups in your market. Perhaps it's time to explore an acquisition?


Patent analysis and insight

Analysis and insight to bring more predictability, transparency, and equity to your patent prosecution.

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