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Patent Analytics for Business Development & Marketing 

Whether you're evaluating your own team's performance, preparing a client pitch, or evaluating outside counsel,  patent analytics can transform your practice. Juristat combines business development and competitive intelligence in one powerful tool with access to your own performance metrics and those of every firm and company filing at the USPTO. 

See how IP teams use data for more strategic marketing and business development.

Demonstrate ROI

What value do you bring to the table? Prosecution data helps you communicate the specific dollar value of your work and how your prosecution prowess ultimately saves time and money. 

Perform a SWOT analysis

With benchmark data for tech centers, USPC classes, art units, and even competitor allowance rates, you can easily uncover strengths and discover new opportunities for growth. 

Identify potential new clients 

Juristat makes it easy to discover companies filing applications in technology areas where your firm excels. You can even compare your own performance to the performance of their current counsel. 

Expand business with current clients

Use patent analytics to discover which USPC/CPC classes are client priorities or where your client is focusing its R&D initiatives – and make a pitch for new work. 

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Build side-by-side comparison reports 

Need to compare performance of your company or firm with a competitor? Or perhaps you'd like to see technology areas where your own organization excels? Our Intelligence reports make it easy to compare data on companies, firms, tech centers, art units, classes, and more. 

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Industry-leading performance metrics 

With access to data on every firm and assignee filing at the USPTO, Juristat makes it easy to find potential clients or outside counsel to further your patent practice. Review analytics on average allowance rate, time to disposition, number of office actions, and more. 

“When responding to RFPs, finding the right stats to answer detailed questions is time-consuming. Juristat helped us find what we needed in a couple of hours, and our response is much more strategic than it would have been without the data.”

– Kaitlyn Schnackenberg, Department Marketing Manager at Polsinelli


Preparing a Compelling Pitch Deck

The legal industry is a business like any other, and the most successful law firms effectively communicate what sets their team apart from the competition. With Juristat, your firm has easy access to the data points clients are looking for in a trusted legal partner.

In this webinar, our client success team shares how to discover your firm's key strengths to prepare for pitch meetings.

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Are you ready to transform your patent practice?

Whether it’s streamlining your processes, bringing consistency to your prosecution, or discovering potential new business opportunities – we’ve got the tools to make it easier.

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How to Use Prosecution Data to Quantify ROI to Clients

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