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How End-Loading Impacts Your Organization

When examiners put off work until the end of the quarter, it can have a dramatic impact on both workloads for the law firm and chances of success for the patent application.

Learn about the impact end-loading has on office action volume and prosecution strategy.

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Smarter Patent Prosecution

Advanced Examiner Analytics for Smarter Patent Prosecution

You've mastered the fundamental examiner analytics, like overall allowance rate and the probability of receiving an allowance after interviewing. Now, it's time to take your prosecution strategy to the next level.
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Conducting Landscape Analysis for Stronger IP

Conducting Landscape Analysis for Stronger IP

In this recorded webinar, we discuss how to conduct both broad and specific text searches to understand the IP landscape for a particular type of technology.
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In-House Teams Save Money

How In-House Teams Save Money with Analytics

With patent analytics, companies have access to actionable insight that can save them time, money, and the stress of a frustrating prosecution.
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Best Practices In-House

Best Practices for In-House Teams

For in-house teams to deliver a well-curated and diverse patent portfolio, they need access to accurate patent metrics and timely updates for pending applications.
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Make Your Team More Efficient

Tools and Processes to Make Your Team More Efficient

With Juristat, you have access to tools that can supplement your workforce and keep productivity high.
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Streamline Your Patent Prosecution

How to Streamline Your Patent Prosecution

When it comes to patent prosecution, there can be a lot of back-and-forth with the USPTO and with your clients. Often, prompt responses and consistent communication play an imperative role in success.
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Modeling Prosecution Spend-1

Modeling Prosecution Spend to Optimize Quality and Budget

In patent prosecution, foresight and planning is key to reach an allowance quickly and on budget. Identifying and taking action on high-cost prosecution can lessen the usual timeline and save money in the long term.
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RFP Response

Craft a Data-Driven RFP Response

Responding to RFPs can be a time-consuming (and stressful!) task. The pressure is on to make sure your firm stands out, all the while answering the specific, highly detailed questions posed in the request.
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New Year New Juristat 2021

Introducing Juristat's Newest Features (2021)

In 2021, patent professionals are looking to cut costs, maintain quality prosecution, and be more strategic with their business development. Juristat’s newest features make accomplishing this, and more, a breeze.
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Webinar Using Data to Show Firm Value to Clients

Using Data to Show Firm Value to Clients

With businesses tightening their budgets and looking to cut costs, law firms have shifted priority from prospecting future clients to maintaining and growing existing relationships. It’s time to demonstrate client ROI with data.
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Webinar Preparing a Compelling Pitch Deck

Preparing a Compelling Pitch Deck

The legal industry is a business like any other, and the most successful law firms effectively communicate what sets their team apart from the competition. With Juristat, your firm has easy access to the data points clients are looking for in a trusted legal partner.
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IH Teams Evaluate OC

How Leading In-House Teams Evaluate Outside Counsel Performance

With budgets tightening and department priorities shifting, in-house teams are spending more time and energy carefully considering their outside counsel partnerships.
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Maximizing Firm Profiability

Maximizing Firm Profitability and Growth With Automation

In order to adapt and grow, firms are embracing workflow automation. Recent surveys have reported that 56% of large law firms believe AI will soon become mainstream in the practice of law.
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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence for Firms and In-House Counsel

Business intelligence analytics are a powerful tool to help both firms and in-house teams identify areas of strength, risk, and competition more effectively.
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How End-Loading Impacts Your Organization

How End-Loading Impacts Your Organization

When examiners put off work until the end of the quarter, it can have a dramatic impact on both workloads for the law firm, as well as chances of success for the patent application. The USPTO has an official term for this examiner procrastination - end-loading.
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