Even before facing the Great Resignation in 2021 or making the shift to a remote workforce in 2020, the way the legal industry worked was changing. Firms and corporate IP teams were beginning to embrace legal technology as a way to streamline workflows, improve processes, and minimize costs.

Juristat has worked with top leaders in IP to successfully implement analytics and workflow automation solutions into their processes. Whether you’re evaluating needs or looking to increase adoption of existing tools, this 30-minute webinar will offer tips to help you succeed.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • Questions to ask vendors before committing to a trial
  • Advice on how to ensure smooth implementation
  • Approaches to combat change fatigue and encourage adoption
  • Ways to gain buy-in with CFOs and procurement departments
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Resolve to Streamline Your Patent Practice

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Legal technology is changing rapidly, and keeping up with all the new tools out there can feel overwhelming. But implementing these tips now can make organizational change a foundational element of your firm’s growth.
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7 Tips for Implementing Workflow Automation at Your Firm

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