The Game-Changing Impact of Juristat Office Action Response

Manual preparation of office action responses, long the norm in the patent field, is no longer sufficient. In this case study, learn how Quarles & Brady uses Juristat OAR to:

  • minimize the cost and time delay of manual preparation of OA responses
  • leverage staff for billable tasks, increasing revenue
  • implement a new process without interruption to workflows 

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Examiner End-loading at the USPTO [2022 Report] 

The habit of some USPTO examiners putting off work until the end of the quarter can up-end your patent practice. We explore the origins of the term, name the examiners guilty of procrastination, and identify those who get easier or more difficult at the end of the quarter. 

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Nicholson De Vos Uses Data to Support Strategy and Client Relations

We’ve all been there. Prosecution is taking longer than expected. You’re facing one rejection after another. And your client is starting to question whether this patent is worth pursuing.

This precarious position is where Jonathan Miller of Nicholson De Vos Webster & Elliott LLP found himself during a recent prosecution. 

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How Western Digital Uses Data from Juristat 

Learn how IP leaders at Western Digital use Juristat to improve prosecution strategy and evaluate outside counsel.

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Patent Prosecution in the Age of Big Data

Our clients see an increase in allowance rates, greater success on appeal, and fewer claims lost between publication and allowance.

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Here's what our clients have to say:

“I appreciate Juristat's customer service. The chat feature is always touted, and I can certainly see why."

—  Nathanael Ashton-Piper, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, Patterson Thuente IP

"If we are going to bring on a new firm, the first thing we do is look at their metrics for the types of cases we are planning to give them. If their metrics are good, that’s a big plus. If their metrics are bad, that’s going to pretty seriously impact my judgment."

— David Simon, Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property at Salesforce

“Using Juristat Analytics in our decision-making process helps us obtain the most valuable claim scope for our clients in the most efficient way."

— Gavin J. O'Keefe, Partner, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

“Being able to view examiner allowance rates, and more importantly, have those broken down by individual action and rejection type, allows us to be prepared to effectively plan an office action response . . . In short, we would definitely recommend Juristat for any patent practitioners.”

— Jeffrey Schox, Partner, Schox PLC

“Information is often only usable when it’s actionable and explainable. Juristat’s graphics make it easy for me not only to see the course of action to suggest but to explain to a client why."

— Kirk Damman, Partner, Lewis Rice

“When responding to RFPs, finding the right stats to answer detailed questions is time-consuming. Juristat helped us find what we needed in a couple of hours, and our response is much more strategic than it would have been without the data.”

— Kaitlyn Schnackenberg, Department Marketing Manager at Polsinelli

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