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Patent Analytics for Competitive Intelligence 

Combine your knowledge and experience with industry-leading patent analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

With data from more than 10M pending, abandoned, and granted patent applications, Juristat is the most robust patent analytics platform available.  

See how firms and in-house counsel use patent analytics to drive strategy and increase revenue.

Identify emerging technologies 

Zero in on critical technologies to see how they’re developing – and who’s filing applications on them.

Get to know your competition

Gather intelligence on major competitors, as well as emerging startups in your market. Perhaps it's time to explore an acquisition?

Perform a market analysis

With benchmark data for tech centers, USPC classes, art units, and even competitor allowance rates, you can easily discover new opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Prevent infringement

With 102 Forward Citation Alerts, you'll know when your competitors are infringing on your issued art and can take swift action towards blocking infringement or licensing opportunities.

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Build side-by-side comparison reports 

Need to compare performance of your company or firm with a competitor? Or perhaps you'd like to see technology areas where your own organization excels? Our Intelligence reports make it easy to compare data on companies, firms, tech centers, art units, classes, and more. 


Powerful search and filtering capabilities

Not sure who the major players are in a particular industry? With Juristat, you can search for a specific keyword or perform a similarity search to identify applications related to the type of technology you're interested in.

And with 125+ unique variables, you can narrow your search to find exactly what you're looking for. 

“There’s a lot of competition, lots of price pressure, and having these patent metrics can help us save our clients time and cost during the prosecution process.” 

– Tracy Dann, Director of Marketing, Patterson Thuente Pederson


Competitive Intelligence for Firms and In-House Counsel

Business intelligence analytics are a powerful tool to help both firms and in-house teams identify areas of strength, risk, and competition more effectively.

Our client success team shares best practices in using competitive intelligence analytics to make more compelling narratives and stay aware of your competitors’ performance.

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Are you ready to transform your patent practice?

Whether it’s streamlining your processes, bringing consistency to your prosecution, or discovering potential new business opportunities – we’ve got the tools to make it easier.

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Green Technology at the USPTO

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry has called for a surge in green tech patenting to fight climate change. Our research supports his claim that patent filings in sustainable, green technology have steadily dropped since the mid-2010s.
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The Future of Pharma: The AbbVie / Allergan Merger

We turned to Juristat's database of more than 10 million pending, abandoned, and granted patent applications to examine each company’s patent prosecution history.
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Video: How to Monitor Competitor Applications

All companies applying for patents need to stay up to date on competitor activity that may threaten the viability of their patent applications.
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