Juristat Office Action Response (OAR) makes responding to office actions easy, delivering a single digital packet with all the necessary documentation and background information you need to craft a response – all within 48 hours of an office action, and with zero work by your team. 

What if you could automate away the first hour of work on an OA response?

Let our AI do the work for you. Juristat OAR automatically detects new office actions, prepares a response template, identifies cited prior art, and more. And it's all available to your team securely through email and within our app. 

Juristat OAR makes law firms more efficient, more accurate, and ultimately, more profitable. 

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What's in a Juristat OAR packet? 

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A fully prepared OA Response

Juristat OAR eases the tedious process of manually preparing a response template for legal arguments. We identify the legal basis for the rejection and update any claim language, processing underlines, brackets or strikethroughs, and tags. We’ll take care of the response’s title page and caption, amendments to the claims, remarks, and conclusion with your signature block – so you can focus on more valuable, billable work.

check-iconCustom OA Response and Client Letter templates to fit your needs

Both the OA Response and accompanying Client Letter are prepared as Microsoft Word templates customized for your organization. This means you can customize specific headers or footers, signature blocks, font size, style, indentation, and formatting, as well as specific language for rejections, remarks, and conclusions. With Juristat OAR, you can designate unique templates for certain practice groups, clients, or types of office actions.  

Claim Note

check-iconImproved accuracy to increase your chances of success

During prosecution, small mistakes can turn into costly delays. Juristat OAR detects any examiner or attorney errors, and when appropriate, corrects the error. Common errors we find are missing punctuation, obvious typos, incorrect paragraph numbers, incorrect prior art citations, and caption errors. All errors and associated corrections are noted in the document for your reference. 

check-iconAll of your application’s cited prior art 

Juristat OAR fetches all the prior art cited against you by the examiner and annotates it for you. Both the original and annotated versions are OCR-converted so you're able to search for specific text in the document. 

Prior Art

check-icon A text-searchable version of the office action

Thanks to private PAIR integration, our AI is able to automatically detect new office actions as they happen. The document is OCR-converted to make it even easier for you to reference. 

check-iconAnd the data you need to drive your next decision

Additionally, Juristat Platform customers receive our most up-to-date Examiner and Art Unit reports in their OAR packets. Imagine – instant access to the metrics you need to formulate an informed, data-driven response strategy.

Examiner + AU Report-1

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

First, talk to our sales team. They will walk you through the process and get your initial 2-week trial scheduled.

Before your trail starts, our client success team will help you set up private PAIR access and hold an onboarding session to get you set up with a Juristat account, upload your Response and Client Letter template, and train you on the process of accessing and downloading your OAR packets. 
Is private PAIR access required for trials?

Yes. Private PAIR access allows us to automatically detect office actions and generate response packets within 48 hours of the OA.

What happens during a trial?

During your initial 2-week trial, Juristat will deliver a maximum of five (5) OAR packets per day. Typically, customers identify specific applications or specific clients they would like to see packets generated for during the trial.

Is granting PAIR access allowed by the USPTO?

Absolutely! In fact, The USPTO’s new sponsorship system was specifically created to allow these kinds of interactions:

“Each sponsored support staff works under the direction and control of the sponsoring practitioner, and is an employee of the sponsoring practitioner’s organization or an employee of a contractor of an organization that is under contract to the sponsoring practitioner or the sponsoring practitioner’s organization.” USPTO Guidance, pages 4-5

Why do you need private PAIR access?

Private PAIR integration allows for minute-by-minute updates on issued OAs, so we can get your response packet delivered within 48 hours of the OA. This is not possible through the USPTO’s public data feeds.

Additionally, this allows us to produce response packets for both published and unpublished applications – something every Juristat OAR customer has requested!

Is Juristat OAR error-free?

Juristat OAR is based on AI developed over time through extensive research, testing, and development. We're confident in its abilities! Additionally, we have a team of top-notch data analysts that audit OAR packets and take a closer look at any complex cases for an added level of accuracy.  

Is it difficult to set up private PAIR access?

Not at all! Now just one attorney at your firm needs to login to their MyUSPTO account and sponsor Juristat. Our client success team can guide you through the setup process.

How much does Juristat OAR cost?

The price of Juristat OAR varies based on the number of office actions we’ll be processing for your firm. Some of our customers have us prepare packets for 100% of their office actions, others start with a percentage and increase utilization over time. Our sales team will work with you to find the best fit.

Want to learn more? Set up a 15-minute demo with our sales team. 


Have PAIR or IT questions? Ask for an overview of our security procedures.