Business intelligence analytics are a powerful tool to help both firms and in-house teams identify areas of strength, risk, and competition more effectively.
Who prosecutes in our primary areas? How do I track competitor applications? How can I find where we outperform the competition?
In this recorded Juristat Master Class, we share best practices in using competitive intelligence analytics to make more compelling narratives and stay aware of your competitors’ performance.

This video will help you uncover answers to questions like:

  • How can I incorporate patent analytics into a successful client pitch?
  • How can I compare two assignees to help my clients monitor their competition?
  • Which companies are filing applications in technology areas where our firm is most successful?
  • And more. 
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Innovative Companies

How Innovative Companies Will Manage Patent Prosecution in 2021

As we begin a new year, we predict how corporate leaders in IP will manage patent prosecution, keep an eye on their outside counsel, and avoid excessive spending in 2021 (and beyond).
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AstraZeneca Gilead Merger

The Future of Pharma: The AstraZeneca / Gilead Merger

AstraZeneca approached rival drugmaker Gilead Sciences to discuss a potential merger. Though some doubt the feasibility of such a deal, this would be the biggest healthcare merger on record.
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Green Technology at the USPTO

Green Technology at the USPTO

WIPO Director General Francis Gurry called for a surge in green tech patenting to fight climate change. His charge follows a report that patenting for green energy technologies has slowed.
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