You've mastered the fundamental examiner analytics, like overall allowance rate and the probability of receiving an allowance after interviewing. Now, it's time to take your prosecution strategy to the next level.
In this recorded Juristat Master Class, we discuss:

  • How examiner end-loading may affect the success of your application;
  • How to determine the best course of action based on an examiner’s win rate;
  • How to find out if your examiner is an outlier in their art unit;
  • And more.
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Difficult Examiner

The Most Difficult Examiners at the USPTO (2021)

We continue our annual tradition of identifying the 10 USPTO examiners with the most skeptical eye toward the patent applications that cross their desks.
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Deliver More for Your Clients

How Data Helps You Deliver More for Your Clients

Law firms are looking for ways to stand out and deliver the best legal services to their corporate clients. If you are looking to provide quality patent prosecution that ensures long-standing relationships, your firm needs to invest in data analytics.
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Product Update

New in Juristat: Dashboards for Prosecution Metrics and ROI

Imagine a tool that takes that visual information and tells you what it means, how it affects your bottom line, and how you can act on it. Today, we’d like to introduce our Dashboards for Prosecution Metrics and ROI.
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