Petitions aren’t always necessary – in fact, only approximately 15% of patent applications require some type of petition before, during, or after prosecution. When those complex situations do arise, you want to be armed with the knowledge you need to proceed quickly and with confidence.

Take a short break in your day to watch our on-demand webinar concerning petitions at the USPTO. We discuss:

  • The most common (and very rare!) petition types
  • Filing ePetitions via EFS-Web
  • The pain points we’ve heard from customers in preparing and drafting petitions
  • And demo our widely requested new petitions search feature!
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New in Juristat: Petition Searching

Petitions aren’t necessary for every prosecution, but when these complex situations do arise, Juristat provides the background and data you need to proceed with confidence.
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Why Competitive Intelligence Is a Game Changer for Patent Firms

Firms with a solid grasp on landscape analysis and competitive intelligence become indispensable to their clients and difficult to beat when vying for new business.
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Preparing for an Influx of Office Actions

Understanding seasonality around USPTO office actions can help drive decisions related to firm hiring, training, and process workflows. And our data shows that you are about to get very busy.
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