Finding the right expert in PTAB proceedings is crucial to your success, but right now, you're probably relying on expensive recruiters to help you select experts.

What if you could conduct the search yourself, ranking experts by experience, cost, and expertise in a particular field? What if – for no additional fee – you could conduct opposition research on the experts arguing against your position?

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • The problem with relying on recruiters for your expert search
  • Which data points matter most when selecting experts in PTAB proceedings
  • The potential opportunities you'll discover in opposition research
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How to Ditch the Recruiter for Your Expert Witness Search

Finding the right expert witness in PTAB proceedings is crucial to success, but IP attorneys often have to rely on expensive recruiters to find these experts. Avoid unnecessary recruiter fees and identify the perfect expert independently with PTAB Expert Search.
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Advice from the Best in Intellectual Property Law

Patent professionals from some of our Top Patent Firms share their stories of success and speak on the challenges they see in the industry.
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Multi-Dimensional Patent Strategy: The Best Way to Predict Examiner Behavior

To craft an unbeatable prosecution strategy, patent attorneys should rely on the multi-dimensional analysis of an examiner’s data, rather than just summary metrics.
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