Your time is valuable. Don't waste it on IDS generation. 

Juristat IDS instantly traverses the patent family tree, identifies active cases, and determines what prior art has already been cited – all without you having to log in to any new tools. With industry-leading data and AI, we know every application filed at the USPTO, each piece of prior art cited, and the familial relationships between applications.

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1-4 Detect 

We can handle all of your disclosure triggers 

Our AI either automatically detects an event has occurred, or clients can manually email us documents that may trigger the need to file an IDS, such as a foreign OA or a complex search report for a soon to be filed case.


2-4 Build 

We make sense of even the most complex applications and patent families

Our tools know every patent application filed at the USPTO, every piece of prior art cited in each case, every foreign equivalent, every continuity relationship, and every subject matter relationship you load into your private instance.

This means that no matter the disclosure trigger or complexity of the patent family, Juristat IDS can handle it. 

3-4 Review 

The best of artificial and human intelligence

During prosecution, small mistakes can turn into costly delays. While AI does most of the heavy lifting, we also have a team of dedicated analysts reviewing the work to ensure quality. Each of our analysts are domestic-based U.S. citizens. (1)

4-3 E-filing

Signed, sealed, and delivered

Let's face it – online filing at the USPTO is a tedious task. Correctly naming and sizing all the documents. Uploading IDS and prior art references. Calculating payment. We'll take care of the most tedious EFS-Web and Patent Center tasks so that you can get back to more valuable work. 

Say goodbye to manual data entry and complicated systems.

If your firm is spending valuable time generating IDSs, it’s time to switch to Juristat. Let's talk.

A few commonly asked questions:
How do I get started?
First, talk to our sales team. They will walk you through the process and get your initial 2-week trial scheduled.

Before your trail starts, our client success team will help you set up private PAIR access and hold an onboarding session to get you set up with a Juristat account and train you on the process of accessing and downloading your IDS.
Why do you need private PAIR access? Is that difficult to set up?

Private PAIR integration allows for minute-by-minute updates on domestic office actions, so we can get your IDS delivered within 2 business days of the OA issuance. This is not possible through the USPTO’s public data feeds.

Additionally, this allows us to produce response IDSs for both published and unpublished applications – something every Juristat IDS customer has requested!

And it's simple to set up! Just one attorney at your firm needs to login to their MyUSPTO account and sponsor Juristat. Our client success team can guide you through the setup process.

How do I know my data is secure?
The security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. All myUSPTO accounts that you sponsor are unique for your firm with two-factor authentication and a unique password that is rotated as required/recommended by the USPTO to further limit the risk and extent of a breach.

Additionally, Juristat conducts annual penetration tests to ensure we are employing state-of-the-art security protocols. Additionally, each client's non-published data is stored with a unique encryption key, separated from all other clients on an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). All network traffic into and out of the VPC is secured via SSL encryption, and maintenance access to all services and databases inside the VPC is carefully monitored and limited. Juristat developers do have access to code repositories on their local development machines. All routes are served over HTTPS, including authentication routes. Our state-of-the-art authentication provider is thoroughly audited, including SOC 2 Type II auditing, and holds rigorous certifications, including ISO27001 and ISO27018.
Does family size or the number of references impact cost?

No! Your price remains the same regardless of family size and for IDSs with less than 150 references. If references exceed 150, an IDS may incur additional costs. Our sales team can help answer more specific questions around pricing. Give us a call.

Can you file the IDS on my behalf?

Yes! We will gather all the prior art references, correctly size and name documents, and upload into EFS Web or Patent Center for you. 

With all the necessary documents compiled, we send you a link to the saved submission to review. All you need to do is sign the SB08 certification statement, pay fees, and submit the documents to complete the e-filing process. 

Do I pay if no IDS needs to be filed?
If we traverse the family tree and determine that no IDS needs to be filed, then you pay nothing.

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In this webinar, our client success team shares some best practices to streamline and improve your workflow.

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