Examiner analytics can be overwhelming. What do all the metrics mean? And which ones matter most when making critical decisions about an application?
In this recorded Juristat Master Class, we share best practices for using examiner data to make smarter, more strategic prosecution decisions.

This video will help you uncover answers to questions like:

  • Are you getting more or less likely to earn an allowance with each office action?
  • How does an interview affect your examiner's allowance rate?
  • When is an appeal your best option?
  • And more.
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Difficult Examiners

The Most Difficult Examiners at the USPTO (2021)

We continue our annual tradition of identifying the 10 USPTO examiners with the most skeptical eye toward the patent applications that cross their desks.
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Avoid Costly Patent Prosecution

4 Tips to Avoid Costly Patent Prosecution

To succeed in any industry, a certain amount of foresight and planning is key. For patent attorneys, identifying and taking action on high-cost prosecution can lessen the usual timeline and save money in the long term.
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pexels-thisisengineering-3862615 (1)

How to Find Opportunities Within the USPTO Special Programs

Patent prosecution can be frustratingly complicated, and the USPTO has created special programs to reign in the usual chaos. Knowing these programs, their purpose, and their success rate can hugely benefit your patent practice.
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