In 2021, patent professionals are looking to cut costs, maintain quality prosecution, and be more strategic with their business development. Juristat’s newest features make accomplishing this, and more, a breeze.

In this recorded tour, we walk through these features, including:

  • Prosecution dashboards that identify cost-saving opportunities and outlier applications;
  • Customizable application alerts;
  • A patent family tree view for any application;
  • New filters to search by signing attorney or document code;
  • And our new OAR Advanced, helping you find applications where your prior art was also cited.
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New in Juristat

New in Juristat: Attorney Metrics

Want to learn more about the track record of a specific attorney? With our new attorney metrics, firms and in-house counsel can better monitor the performance of individual patent professionals.
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Innovative Companies

How Innovative Companies Will Manage Patent Prosecution in 2021

We predict how corporate leaders in IP will manage patent prosecution, keep an eye on their outside counsel, and avoid excessive spending in 2021 (and beyond).
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New in Juristat

New in Juristat: Dashboards for Prosecution Metrics and ROI

Imagine a tool that takes that visual information and tells you what it means, how it affects your bottom line, and how you can act on it. Today, we’d like to introduce our Dashboards for Prosecution Metrics and ROI.
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