Juristat 102 Forward Citation Alerts can help you make more strategic prosecution decisions and identify new opportunities for licensing and acquisition.

With Juristat 102 Forward Citation Alerts, you'll know each time an examiner forward cites your issued patent or patent application against competitors in 102 rejections.

Identifying these frequently cited applications will help you uncover opportunities for licensing, find subject matter conflicts between clients, and, if pending, recommend CONs to block the infringing app further.

Don’t let any more opportunities pass you by

If you’re ready to make more strategic decisions about licensing, litigation, maintenance fees, and more, let’s talk.

See how firms and in-house counsel are using 102 Forward Citation Alerts to drive strategy and increase revenue. 

Identify licensing opportunities 

Now you’ll know when your competitors are infringing on your issued art and can take swift action towards blocking infringement or licensing opportunities. 

Make smarter maintenance fee decisions 

Should you continue to pay maintenance fees on your patent? Use these alerts to find which issued applications are frequently cited – and worth the fee. 

Strengthen your pending applications

Identify your frequently cited pending applications and file CONs to broaden the claim scope and prevent potential infringement.

Know who is invading your space 

Gather intelligence on major competitors, as well as emerging startups in your market. Perhaps it's time to explore an acquisition?


How does it work?

Every two weeks, you will be emailed a report listing your applications cited in 102 rejections (and the applications they were cited against). This Excel-formatted report includes: 

  • Application number
  • Application title
  • Current status
  • Assignee
  • Current Firm
  • Links to the Juristat application report for both the cited art and the application it is cited against

Ready to see your 102 Forward Citation Alerts report?


Insight and Analysis

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